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Acrobatics is a groundbreaking book all about paragliding acrobatics in paragliding!


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Acrobatics is a groundbreaking book all about paragliding acro. Created by an expert team, it is the perfect book for new and intermediate acro pilots. Colourfully designed with inspirational images, Acrobatics takes you step-by-step through each manoeuvre using both written descriptions and photo sequences.

Starting with the basics like wingovers and full stalls, the book progresses through every manoeuvre to the most difficult configurations like the MacTwist and Infinite Tumble. A must for all budding acro pilots and anyone serious about understanding this exciting offshoot of free flight.

The definitive guide to acro includes:

  • Full stall
  • Full frontal collapses
  • Spiral dive
  • Wingovers
  • Spin 180 degree
  • Backflash
  • Backflying
  • Deep stall
  • SAT
  • Asymmetric spiral
  • Looping
  • Spin to helico
  • MacTwist
  • Misty flip
  • HelicopterTumbling
  • SAT to helico
  • Helico to helico
  • Helico to SAT
  • MacTwist to helico
  • SAT to SAT
  • Rhythmic SAT
  • Infinite tumbling
  • Synchronised acro
  • Synchro spiral
  • SAT-Rodeo
  • Helico-rodeo
  • 156 pages
  • Step-by-step through each manoeuvre
  • Clear and concise instructions

Available in English.

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