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OUTLET: Flying rags for glory

An A-Z of competition paragliding!




Laatste exemplaar, nadien niet meer bij te bestellen!

Mads Syndergaard talks about flying rags for glory: an A-Z of competition paragliding. Mads’ Syndergaard’s exhaustive work is a first of its kind. Normally competitions have been relegated to a sub-section of general flying books, when in truth, with the boom in interest in competitive flying over the last few years, the advent of new tasks, modern equipment and sometimes highly-complicated scoring systems, competition paragliding is more than ready for a book like this.

With 17 years of top-level competition paragliding behind him, Mads clearly has the credentials to write a book like this. His knowledge and experience as both a competitor, meet director, comp organiser and PWC representative makes him perhaps the most relevant pilot in paragliding at the moment to take on a project like Flying Rags For Glory.

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