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OUTLET: Thermal flying 2

Het boek voor de gevorderde piloot die thermiek wil (leren) vliegen, de vorige versie.


Op voorraad


Deze boeken zijn in outlet, omdat er sinds 08/2021 een nieuwe versie uitgekomen is, ... Thermal Flying 3.

Een fantastisch boek voor de gevorderde piloot die thermiek wil leren vliegen, of al thermiek vliegt.

The second edition of Thermal Flying has been thoroughly revised and updated:

  • The absolute bible for thermaling and cross country flying
  • Easy to understand photos and diagrams
  • More than 500 illustrations
  • Perfect for beginners and old-hands alike
  • Written by experts
  • A ‘must have’ for all pilots

Thermal Flying is a comprehensive guide to the art of thermalling and XC flying. This 296 page book is illustrated with clear diagrams and photos to help pilots make sense of the concepts, techniques and meteorology knowledge you need to make the most of each flying day.

Written by highly respected competition pilot Burkhard Martens, Thermal Flying has been translated into English by PWC pilot Mads Syndergard with a bonus section by 2007 World Champion Bruce Goldsmith.

This hardback book covers all aspects of cross country flying and spells out priceless information on reading conditions and thermal flying like no other book. Thermal Flying is peppered with experts’ tips and the author’s own personal experiences and beautifully illustrated with succulent photographs.

This second edition has yet more input from expert pilots, new pictures and illustrations plus more detailed explanations of coring, soaring technique, the venturi effect, cloudbase height and thermal lifespans. With something to learn, whether you are a beginner or seasoned campaigner, this is a book that should be on every pilot’s bookshelf!

"Just a note to say thanks for the Thermal Flying book – it is the best flying book I have ever come across. I think the best thing is that it has some quite advanced stuff, but is still written in quite simple language which is perfect for simple people like me! All the other more advanced books are really dry and I generally fall asleep by page 3! And the pictures are really good too. I will be recommending it to absolutely everyone." ... Rachael, Allez Up Paragliding, France

"Definitely great reading for all levels." ... Honza Rejmanek, Red Bull X-Alps athlete, meteorologist

For transparency, it's worth noting that Thermal Flying does include a few typos, but this doesn't affect the reading of it. The original edition was a worldwide bestseller.


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