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Powered Paragliding Bible 6

The ultimate textbook for paramotor pilots – 2020/21 edition.



The Powered Paragliding Bible is the ultimate reference book for all paramotor and powered paraglider pilots. Author Jeff Goin, one of the most respected training names in the sport, has made the biggest update yet to his ultimate guide to paramotoring. This sixth edition was published in August 2020.

It builds on the success of previous editions with improvements and additional material added to every section. There are more, bigger and clearer images to make understanding complex subjects even easier. Improved navigation in the book makes it easier than ever to find what you are looking for.

With over 300 colour pages, inside you will find everything the paramotor pilot needs to know how to fly safely, including:

How to choose an instructor
Launch and landing secrets
What’s risky and how to avoid it
Practical weather knowledge
Airspace knowledge
Choosing equipment
Maintenance tips
Interesting things to do
Mastering precision flying
Winning competitions
The most effective techniques
Fully illustrated with full colour photography throughout

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