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Understanding the Sky

Becoming a weather guru and fly further better!



Understanding the Sky will help you unlock the potential of every flying day:

  • A classic – a bestseller when it was first published
  • One of the first books written by a pilot for other pilots
  • Written by Dennis Pagen, one the USA's longest-serving pro hang glider pilots
  • Explains complex meteorology in plain English, with the aim of helping you fly further
  • Easy to understand text and illustrations

As cross country pilots, observation and analysis of the ever-changing conditions is crucial if we are to stay in the air and maximize our distances. Dennis Pagen's Understanding the Sky covers the macro-scale meteorological phenomena, from pressure systems to the Jet Stream, and also focuses in on the micro-met of everything from thermal formation to wave lift.

Read this and you will not only be well on your way to becoming a weather guru, the knowledge inside will help you fly further too.

Dit boek is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar, "Thuis in de lucht".


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