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OZONE laat ons weten dat er vertragingen zijn met de leveringen, omdat de fabriek moet sluiten wegens Corona in Vietnam. Hieronder de volledige tekst ...

The latest news from Vietnam is that due to the current surge in Covid cases, 90% of factories in the Ho Chi Minh area have had to close. Unfortunately, our own production is also affected by the situation. We are down to 10% of the workforce present on site, but this is not enough to carry on with production. This means that effectively we are unable to complete orders for Ozone products for the time being. We have yet to receive formal indications from the authorities, but it is anticipated that the situation will last for 2 to 3 weeks. The completion of outstanding orders is therefore subject to the timing of the return to full production. In order to estimate the delivery of your orders you need to add the initial production schedule to the period of closure, which at this time is not certain. We will keep you posted as soon as we know more and continue to process new orders as they arrive and liaise with you about delivery times. We very much regret to inform you of this situation and we are very sorry for the hassles it will cause you. Our teams in the factory did all they could to continue working under very challenging conditions and we thank them for trying so hard to stay open. We also wish to thank you and your customers for your understanding and patience.

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